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POP Foam Board Paper Range

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•A lightweight Polystyrene Foam Board which is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the advertising, graphic arts, stationery and framing industry.•Perfect for POS and visual displays by laminating, digital printing or screen printing•Suitable for direct screen & UV curable Inkjet printing•Designed to be shaped with ease by cutting and die cutting•10 & 20 mm products must be cut with a sharp blade at a 15 degree angle•Sold in mill packs only

Eco Credentials


GSM Microns Dimensions Colour Finish Pack Size Price Per Pack Quantity of Packs
560 5000 1220 x 2440 White Smooth 20 $743.87
560 5000 1530 x 3050 White Smooth 20 $1,381.37
860 10000 1530 x 3050 White Smooth 16 $1,060.48
1540 10000 1210 x 2440 White Smooth 8 $981.06
1540 20000 1525 x 3050 White Smooth 8 $1,532.92
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