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Digi Ready - Polyester Wristbands

Digi Ready - Polyester Wristbands Paper Range

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Digi Ready Wristbands are ready to be personalised with almost allcolour and mono digital laser printers.Once printed from artwork positioned using the downloadable templatefrom our website, they can be peeled off and placed around the wrist.Once removed, the wristbands are dry both sides apart from the tamperevident adhesive patch that secures the band together.

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GSM Microns ISO Size Dimensions Colour Finish Pack Size Price Per Pack Quantity of Packs
289 220 A4 210 x 297 - 10 per Sheet White Synthetic 100 $215.27
297 220 SRA3 320 x 450 - 17 per Sheet White Synthetic 50 $215.27
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