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Digi Press Permatrans – Laser & Indigo

Digi Press Permatrans – Laser & Indigo Paper Range

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Digipress PermaTrans heat Transfer papers are designed for Light & Dark Fabrics printed by Laser & HP Indigo printing platforms. Digi Press is a high quality image transfer paper that is exceptionally soft to the touch after transfer & is toner compatible & HP Certified• Transfers to cotton, cotton blend and stretchable fabrics like lycra• Designed for Laser / Dry Toner Printers that do not use fuser oil• Excellent Colour density after washing • Hot peel only • Compatible with hand iron & heat presses • HP Indigo Certified Sold in mill packs only

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GSM Microns ISO Size Dimensions Colour Finish Pack Size Price Per Pack Quantity of Packs
165 216 A4 For Light Fabric White Uncoated 50 $105.72
175 174 A4 For Dark Fabric White Uncoated 50 $145.37
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