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Vast range of options from our range are being utilised by restaurant and café owners all around Australia. Go-to products includes our Specialty and Uncoated papers for menus. Digituff Synthetic is suitable for food and beverage menus that can be wiped own clean after each use. We also offer Table-Top paper tablecovering for single-use dining. A favourite with our hospitality customers has long been the Doggett Labels range for take-away containers and in-house product labelling of food and drinks.

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Limitless Possibilities

Pedigree is about connecting you to your creative side! Whether you‘re ‘doing it yourself’, wrapping your floristry genius, or even cutting your latest fashion design pattern, our range of materials will excite your senses.
If printing digitally with either Dry Toner or HP Indigo presses, exploring our Pedigree Digital Papers is going open up your creative vibe to the next level.
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